Ella Raines in A Dangerous Profession

In 1949, Ella Raines co-starred with George Raft in A Dangerous Profession. George Raft stars as an ex-cop turned bail bondsman. He used to have a relationship with Ella Raines but she decided to marry another man that she has known since she was young. George Raft and Ella Raines are reunited when her husband needs to be bailed out.

Here a couple of promotional items relating to A Dangerous Profession:

Spanish language poster for A Dangerous Profession

Here are some nice photographs of Ella Raines in the black gown she wears in an early scene in the movie:

And here's some promotional photos of Ella Raines and George Raft:

Here are a couple of publicity stills of Ella Raines from A Dangerous Profession:

Two other pics from A Dangerous Profession:

The following are some images of Ella Raines appearing in A Dangerous Profession:

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  1. Thanks for this page, I'm just discovering Ella Raines and what a great place to find out about her films! Thank you!!