Ella Raines in The Suspect

In 1944, Ella Raines co-starred with Charles Laughton in The Suspect. The film was directed by Robert Siodmak, who had previously directed Ella Raines in Phantom Lady and would go on to direct her in two more movies, The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry and Time Out of Mind.

The Suspect is basically a version of the famous Dr. Crippen case, where a soft-spoken man with an awful wife takes on a younger woman, leading him to make the decision to kill his wife and then plot his escape to a new life with his younger companion.

1944 was a busy year for Ella Raines and the year that cemented her Hollywood popularity. She began the year with the film noir classic Phantom Lady, then did the popular comedy Hail the Conquering Hero, then her first western Tall in the Saddle, then the nearly forgotten Enter Arsene Lupin. She topped the year of with a fifth film, and one of her best, The Suspect.

Here are some photos of Ella Raines on the set of The Suspect:

Ella Raines, Charles Laughton and Robert Siodmak

Here are some images of Ella Raines in The Suspect:

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  1. Oh, this is a great film! OMG I just love your blog, Ella Raines is amazing <3