A look at Ella Raines in LIFE magazine (1944)

Ella Raines made the cover of LIFE magazine for the first time in 1944 (she would grace another LIFE cover in 1947). She has a large feature in the magazine, which runs over several pages and includes a dozen photographs.

The feature on Ella Raines begins with a now-famous image of Ella Raines wearing a bathing suit. The picture is followed by a brief bio of the actress, which summarizes her career up until this point.

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A six image pictorial comes next with further information about Ella Raines contained in captions for each picture. This pictorial serves to promote Ella Raines' image as a nature lover.

Next comes a feature on Ella Raines' role in The Phantom Lady, the film which this magazine article is trying to promote. She is featured in a pair of photos here, one with co-star Alan Curtis and the other with co-star Franchot Tone. A small article is also included which gives some information about the movie.

The feature on Ella Raines ends with a pictorial from The Phantom Lady, showing some of action she partakes in.

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