Ella Raines in The Phantom Lady

In 1944, Ella Raines starred in Phantom Lady alongside Franchot Tone, Alan Curtis and Thomas Gomez. It was her third film and the one that really made made her famous. For many people, Phantom Lady is what Ella Raines will be best remembered for.

Phantom Lady is a masterful film-noir from director Robert Siodmak. Perhaps because of the success of Phantom Lady, Robert Siodmak and Ella Raines would go on to make three more films together over the next three years (The Suspect, The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry and Time Out of Mind). It's easy to see why

Ella Raines portrays Carol Richman in Phantom Lady, the dedicated personal secretary of Scott Henderson (Alan Curtis). When Henderson is arrested (and later convicted) of killing his wife, Carol decides to dig deeper and find the real killer. Ella Raines is stunningly gorgeous playing the lead and doubtlessly her attractiveness and charming demeanor contributed to the film's success.

Here are some images of Ella Raines in Phantom Lady:

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