Ella Raines talks White Tie and Tails

White Tie and Tails was afforded a fair amount of press during 1946. The film, starring Ella Raines alongside Dan Duryea and William Bendix, was essentially a B picture and it's short length signified that it was to be played as part of a double bill. Still, the movie had enough star power to get it some newspaper coverage.

First, Ella Raines comments on her co-star Dan Duryea. The actor, primarily known for playing rough-edged bad guys on film, was playing a well-mannered butler in White Tie and Tails:

Here's a great article about Ella Raines and her expensive wardrobe for White Tie and Tails featuring several of quotes from the actress:

And finally a pair of contemporary summaries/reviews of White Tie and Tails:

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