Ella Raines in The Web

In 1947, Ella Raines co-starred with Edmond O'Brien, Vincent Price and William Bendix in The Web. The actress got top billing above her male counterparts. The Web is a tight little thriller about a naive lawyer (O'Brien) who gets framed for murder by a wealthy industrialist (Price). Ella Raines plays the somewhat improbably named Noel Faraday, the secretary of Vincent Price's character. She eventually gets implicated in a second murder frame-up, part of a complex web of deception perpetrated by Vincent Price.

Ella Raines looks simply fantastic in The Web. In fact, she plays a character who is supposed to be beautiful, who everyone refers to as beautiful and who also thinks of herself as beautiful. Not only does she look the part, the actress also brings her requisite charm to the film. she has great chemistry with the somewhat bland Edmond O'Brien and she also has several nice scenes with the hammy Vincent Price. Overall, The Web was an excellent project for Ella Raines and she also gets to model a series of great gowns by costume designer Yvonne Wood.

Here are some images of Ella Raines in The Web:

Ella Raines and her trademark smirk

Vincent Price lights up a smoke for Ella Raines

Ella Raines and a cloud of smoke

Edmond O'Brien lights a cigarette for Ella Raines

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  1. I'm so thrilled to have stumbled upon your Ella Raines blog. It's great to know I'm not the only one who appreciates this stunningly beautiful actress. I especially like this entry in her filmography. I think she was best suited for film noir films like this one.